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Developing sustainable infrastructure and energy projects to help achieve a sustainable future and accessible infrastructure for all.


Sabor E&C is a sustainable project development company based in Dubai. Specializing in delivering high priority infrastructure, water energy and environment projects, particularly in downstream oil and gas, hydro plant, wind energy, solar PV and hydro energy as well as water provision sectors.


Sabor Engineering & Consulting’s (Sabor E&C) beginnings and track record date back to 1997. Until 2012, its predecessor – Vortex AST&T- was a family business based in Rabat, Morocco, servicing all provinces with its eco-responsible solutions. For years, Vortex was mandated by the government of Morocco to maintain and supervise critical remote water provision and water dam projects as well as rural electrification.

The company was born out of the founders’ experience and sensitivity to the challenging environmental issues of the supply and sustainable use of water and energy. At the core of Vortex’ operations, was the belief that water is a scarce and vital resource for everyone that required optimizing the management and preservation of this generational heritage.

Since 2019, Vortex’ legacy and expertise are continued with the rebranded entity – Sabor Engineering and Consulting LLC (Sabor E&C) founded in Ras al-Khaimah, UAE. Operating from Dubai, the regional business hub for the MENA region and African markets, Sabor E&C has added further technologies and addresses new market environments.




Sabor E&C bridges the gap between investors and governments, energy and utility authorities, corporations and organizations to bring projects to fruition that benefit economies and societies. Our highly qualified and skilled team of experienced experts comprises five different nationalities. We use integrated planning and design solutions to meet the ever-growing market needs at the highest standards while using the latest technologies.

Our Vision

Develop critical infrastructure and energy projects to help achieve a sustainable future and accessibility to water and energy for all.

Our Mission

Develop economically viable and socially responsible projects that create a positive socio-economic change on local communities. We strive to make corporate social responsibility an integrated part of each of our projects giving back to communities.



Promoting efficiency and economic development with minimal environmental impact benefitting a growing local community. Fostering renewable energy, a greater use of recyclable materials and the use of sustainable methods in the design and building phases of a project, as well as during the operational stages.

Added Value

We provide exceptional service and offer innovative solutions using the latest technologies that bring superior value to all our stakeholders.


Our relationships are built on integrity, respect and ethical business practices. Strong moral principles, honesty and transparency are the cornerstone of all our business dealings and our behavior towards everyone.


Our processes are up to the highest quality standards and strictly follow international benchmarks from project inception to execution to meet the evolving needs of the market. We strive to constantly adapt our delivery of services to match our stakeholders’ expectations and deliver long-term value.


We encourage innovative thinking and the use of innovative technologies to define our position in the market. We strongly believe that every challenging environment can be successfully addressed by a tailor-made approach.


Promoting a corporate environment that is based on honesty, integrity, respect, transparency, trust and empowerment that nurtures collaboration, innovation, development and sustainable growth.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in creating a sustainable, positive impact through knowledge sharing, training and development as well as creating local jobs where possible. Our team is striving to make everything possible to ensure our local and corporate activities leave a long-term beneficial footprint on communities and the environment.

We support



Active development in Africa

  • 30 MW solar PV powered, desalination plant – sea water reverse osmosis at 100000 m3/day
  • 3 fuel storage plants of 5,000 m3 capacity each, in 2 strategic ports in the SADEC region
  • Upgrade of 15,000 hectares of a state-owned land irrigation system to solar PV
  • 30 MW solar PV plus 5 MW storage, including a substation upgrade
  • 45 MW hybridization of a hydro/solar power plant
  • 2 MW international airport rooftop solar PV
  • 3 Wind farms of 30 MW each




Senior Team

At Sabor E&C, we work with a small but highly experienced team of specialists in their respective fields of activity: Business Development, Project Development, Project Management, Project Design, Finance and Legal. Our team is dedicated to the work they are doing, and we strive to deliver the best results in an efficient manner.


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